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Ogob Nega I - The Island & Cabins

Ogob Nega I - The Island & Cabins

Ogob Nega I - The Island & Cabins

The Ogob Nega cabins in Chichime Island, San Blas (Guna Yala) are located 45 minutes boat trip from the mainland at the end of Cayo Limones and is well known for its calm water, beautiful scenery and snorkeling. Our Guna native family little paradise consist of 5 premium different size front beach cabin rentals, they are rustic but comfortable with wooden floor and a hard tin roof.  We have a bar-restaurant, a generator and also solar powered energy, shared rustic toilets and showers. It will take you 20 minutes to walk Chichime Island while you enjoy the all around beaches. 


Meals & Services

Ogob Nega I - The Island & Cabins

Ogob Nega I - The Island & Cabins

We are famous around all the archipelago for our hospitality service, and food.  We offer 3 meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) We usually offer to our customers the catch of the day, lobsters, fried plantain, rice, salad and fruits. We allow  and recommend you to bring snacks, water and beverages.



Ogob Nega II - The island & Cabins

Ogob Nega II - The island & Cabins

The native Guna are truly sovereign; this mean that the Panamanian government has no right over the local system.  We have our own dialect and the new generation all speak Spanish and just a few are able to speak English with tourists. The Kunas are reserved and shy, also if there is a language barrier we have a volunteer team (not always on-site) helping answering all your questions and doubts before your trip. We are a small but very proud community of our culture. 


Ogob Nega II - The island & Cabins

Ogob Nega II - The island & Cabins

Ogob Nega II - The island & Cabins

Ogob Nega II (Sister Island Coming Soon.. in 2021)

Price List

Getting Here


Ground Transportation:

Only authorized 4x4 transport companies are allowed to enter to la Comarca. We can help you with the organization of the ground transportation from your hotel in Panama City, sometimes the collective transportation may arrive earlier or a bit late, it all depends on the route the taxi will take and the punctuality of other passengers. Sometimes you can expect 30 minutes delays or early arrival, but do not worry we will be waiting for you at the port, as we always keep communication with the 4x4 transport company.  If you want to avoid any waiting time and get more comfort we can always help you as well with the organization of a private transfer. It is very important to keep in mind that we are not responsible of this part of the journey; that's why the transfer is not included into our price.

Also inform us during the booking process,  your pick-up and drop off place in the City and when you would like to leave our island, with the morning pick-up or the afternoon pick-up.  If you change your mind while you are on the  island, you must inform our staff about this change 24 hours in advance, as we need to notify the transport company in order to receive their validation.  Extra fees can be charged by the transport company depending how this change will impact their own organization, logistics or even worse, there might not be any car available.

Sea Transportation:

Our boat leaves the Barsukun Port (river port) around 9:30 am, you can expect some delays as we need to wait for other travelers to Check-in to arrive from different transport companies or by themselves.  The boat ride takes around 40 minutes to our place, you can get wet, and  we recommend to bring a raincoat and Ziploc for your important belongings.  During the summer season specially at the beginning of the year (January - April) there is more wind than usual and waves can get bigger, also the authorities can cancel any boat transfer if weather conditions are bad.

Rental Car:

If you plan to visit the Comarca of Guna Yala using a rental car it needs to be an SUV or a 4X4, in order to have access to the Comarca. On your first part of your drive you need to head the direction of Tocumen, passing through la 24 de Diciembre, until arriving to Chepo, specifically to the area called  El Llano, here is a deviation of the road that goes to the San Blas area. The average time from Panama City to El Llano is approximately 1 hour, depending of course, on the weather conditions, traffic among others.  The second part of your drive will be from El Llano up to the Ports (40km). If you choose this way of travel, please be on time at the Barsukun Port  by 9:00 am - 9:30 am, upon your arrival please indicate that you are going to Ogob Nega, Cabins Isla Chichime. 

Check-in & Check-out Time:

Expected Check-in time 10:30 am and Check-out time: 8:00 am (Late Island check-out can be organized if you wish to stay around +6 hours.  We cannot guarantee an exact timing for your arrival and departure (weather conditions, passengers being late, boat availability, etc). Avoid domestic and international flights on the same day.


Check out this great video by Leirana Estudios

Our Cabins are on the right side of the second island shown on the video



Frequently Asked Question

Transportation to San Blas, how do I get there?

Inform us in advance where you will stay in Panama-City to organize your pick-up, hotel or hostel name, room number and phone number. We help to organize collective and private 4×4 transportation from/to the departure point where we will meet you with our boat. Be ready at 5.30am in front of your hotel or the hostel you are staying at. You will be arriving around 9.30am at the port. You can except to be a little squeezed as 7 passengers can fit into the car. For more comfort, you can always ask for private transportation.

How much does the transportation cost?

It costs $60.00 round trip per person and $ 350 round trip if you wish a private 4×4 transportation. This fee does not include the $22.00 Kuna Yala park entrance fee for non-resident and $7.00 for residents.

How do I pay the transport cost and the Kuna Yala entrance taxes?

You must pay the $60.00 in cash to the driver as soon as you enter into the vehicle and you must pay the Kuna Yala fees at the park entrance ($20.00) and at the port ($2.00).

Are you responsible for this part of the journey?

We recommend this transport company but it is important to mention it is NOT our company that is why the transfer is not included into our price. We are not responsible for this part of the trip but will coordinate everything for you with the transport company.

How can I recognize the transport company?

It must be a 4×4 vehicle and we will provide you with the name of the driver and the driver will have your names.

How the San Blas road looks like and what I should not forget?

We call it the rollercoaster jungle road, if you have motion sickness we recommend you to take some pills before your trip. If you bring any delicate valuables, any breakable items, you must carry them with you to avoid any damage or loss, always have your passport with you in order to be ready for the checkpoint.

How do I know which boat will take me to Ogob Nega, Chichime Island ? 

We will be waiting for you at the river side dock (Barsukun) where the driver will drop you off. The driver knows our boat and will help you to find us if needed. Always refer to Aaron and Dixie cabins, Ogob Nega, Chichime Island. The price from/to the islands for the boat ride is $30.00 to be paid to us in cash on the island

What are the mandatory items I must bring with me?

  • Always have your Passport with you and not in your bag as there are some check-point on the way.
  • The 4×4 transportation will stop on the supermarket but at in case it does not, make sure to have at least a gallon of water with you and others small snacks.
  • Nights can be a bit windy, bring something warm to sleep
  • Towel, swimming and snorkeling equipment.
  • Rain coat for the boat ride.
  • Ziploc or any hermetic bags to put your valuable items in a safe place during the boat ride as everything can get wet.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Sun block.
  • Mosquito repellent (mosquitoes are not much present on the islands but at the port).
  • We recommend you to bring your own snorkeling equipment.

Where do we sleep on the island?

Everyone sleeps in beach-front cabanas. We have 5 cabins of different sizes. Most cabanas can accommodate 2-4 people and we have one cabanas for bigger groups. All our cabins are private and not shared with others guests. We provide linens, blankets, and pillows. Double occupancy is a necessity when trips are full. We cannot reserve specific cabanas in advance.  Some cabanas have doubles beds, some have single beds. We take each person’s special request into account and of course try to give everyone exactly what they want.

What are the bathrooms facilities like ?

Out on the island we have shared toilets and shared showers with well-water (not heated). These infrastructures are not luxury but good enough on this remote piece of paradise. Please note the bathroom facilities on our island are not attached to the rooms, requiring a walk of 50 meters. Guests are requested to add water in the toilet water tank before to flush. Papers must be thrown into the rubbish bin.

How do people store valuables such as cash and passports while on the island?

We have no safes on the island, as they would rust shut in a matter of months. We keep cash ourselves on the island, we simply hide it somewhere in our luggage. We completely trust all of our staff and guests.

Is it safe to take children to the San Blas Islands?

As far as OgobNega, Chichime Island is concerned, kids love our island and we the guna Indians love Kids. Our two small children are always happy to meet new friends from around the word. We recommend you to take a first aid kit and lots of sun cream with you. We won’t watch for your kids on the island, during the tour, while you are swimming so always keep an eye on them. Parents must be fully responsible for all aspects of monitoring their children.

Can I charge my batteries for my digital camera, Smart phone, laptop, etc. on the trip?

Please note that the island is extremely hard on electronics; Water, sands, etc will definitely shorten their life if not well take care of. We recommend our guest to bring additional batteries as  the power outlet we have is often busy.

Will insects be a problem?

Unlike other locations in Panama, we are blessed with a less-buggy area. During periods of calm weather , less wind there could be a few bug present on the island. The beds have mosquitoes net. Bring repellent, long shirt etc as we cannot guarantee a non-buggy island. Mosquitoes are present at the Barsukun port.

What is the food like?

Our island menu is designed to take advantage of the fresh seafood of Guna Yala. A typical meal fish or lobster with rice and fruits. Let us know in advance if any food restrictions. 

What do we drink ?

Water, drinks are not included in the package price.  We have a powered refrigerator to chill water, beer and soda we sale on site. Guests are welcome to bring their own water, beers, alcoholic beverages on our island without extra fees. Bring your own ice cooler. We don't sale ice.

Guest interaction

Spoken English on the island is not always available, so please make sure to ask all your questions and doubts (if there is a language barrier) before your arrival.  We have a volunteer team helping us with the written communication.  Our staff will make sure you feel welcome although the fact is the Kuna People are a bit reserved.

Island Overview

Chichime Island is located at 45 minutes boat trip from the mainland at the end of the Limones Cayes and is well known for its calm water and beautiful scenery as anchorage point for sailing boat. It is a middle size island and will take you 20 minutes to walk around. Another family also having some cabins leave on the island

Free Tour

The tour usually starts after lunch. The departure time depends on others elements such as weather conditions, boat availability and any others condition. The tour can also be cancelled if sea is rough for the security of our guests.


Mantaining Traditional Culture in Panama

For the last 100 years, the Guna  have kept traditional ways and have been successful at keeping out outsiders from bringing in the latest technology as well as medicines.  The one thing that has been allowed to escape the islands is the mola.  

Facts Sheet

Printable Facts Sheet and Check-List. All you should know before to visit us

Files coming soon.

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